Editor's Note Volume 1 Issue 2





Management, Innovation


With most new enterprise the early stages typical have a series of steep learning curves, and each day provides the founding team with a new set of challenges and opportunities. This has certainly been the case with JMI. Among the changeless we have faced is that of developing the trappings necessary to be considered a serious peer-reviewed journal. Over the past few months we have acquired an ISBN number, DOI number, and have been registered a several journal directories including the DOAJ.

Those who follow innovation would probably agree we have reached the stage of MVP (or minimally viable product). We have those core attributes that get us in to the game as a potential solution for those looking to experience a peer-reviewed journal as a reader, a reviewer, or as an author. Going forward we will be looking to grow the journalΓÇÖs readership, increase our pool of authors, reviewers and editors ΓÇô while staying true to our mission of discussing actionable ideas for both practitioners and scholars. However, we still believe that as with most new products, or innovations, our product has a great deal of maturing yet to do and we are looking forward to seeing how things will continue to develop.

Author Biography

Tom Coughlan, Mercy College School of Business

Dr. Coughlan is currently the Associate Dean and an Associate Professor of Graduate Business at Mercy College. In addition, he is the Managing Editor of the Journal of Management and Innovation, a contract writer for Harvard Business Press ΓÇô and holds adjunct faculty positions at the University of Phoenix School of Business, Manhattan Institute of Management, University of Bridgeport, and the Weller International Business School in Paris.

His fields of practice include management, marketing, and e-business with a particular emphasis on the use of technology to create virtual proximity and increase levels of applied innovation within an organization.

In addition to his academic accomplishments, Dr. Coughlan has over 30 years of business experience as an entrepreneur, consultant, and a marketing / management professional. His past roles include:

- Member of the leadership team of a top 50 INC 500 firm where he ran the most profitable division

- Developed successful worldwide marketing campaigns for some of the worldΓÇÖs largest technology companies including IBM, Cisco, Computer Associates, and Oracle

- Extensive experience in commercial real estate, and professional service marketing

- Extensive original research in the fields of innovation and virtual proximity