The Personality of Instagram Profiles

  • Heamily Singh
  • Dr. Sayeed Islam


Social media has become a commonplace part of modern life. Individuals use sites like Instagram to share pictures and their usage of social media sites is often related to personality. However, the relationship between personality and perceived brand personality of Instagram accounts has yet to be studied. 194 participants participated in an online study about Instagram profiles. Each participant was shown 1 of 3 Instagram Influencer profiles (guru, adventurer, instructor). Participants rated each profile on its perceived personality using the NEO IPIP measure of Big 5 personality. Participants also rated their own personality using the HEXACO six factor measure of personality.  Researchers analyzed the ratings and found that the profiles were perceived differently on the personality trait of extraversion and openness to experience with the guru profile having the highest level of extraversion. Future research should continue to evaluate perceived brand personality of Instagram profiles.