Blockchain Finance – Massive Disruption or Status Quo?


  • John Power Mercy College



We evaluate the potential disruptive power of the emergence of Block Chain Technology. The central question is whether this technology is simply a new tool to be used by an existing infrastructure or if this new tool will in fact lead to the emergence of a new way of performing the critical role of finance in society. Although the likely outcome may not the development of a new financial services paradigm, it is clear that the likely outcome will be a quantum shift in exactly how the world of financial services operates.

Author Biography

John Power, Mercy College

John Power is a Professor in the MBA Program at Mercy College and the Executive Director of its Turbo MBA Program. John joined the Mercy College faculty in 2012 after a successful career in Finance, where he remains professionally active. During his nearly 30 years of professional experience, John has held such roles as Controller and Chief of Staff for Julius Baer's US Private Bank, CFO of E*Trade's Corporate Services Business, Senior Vice President of Mellon Financial and President of Mellon Securities. He has founded several businesses and remains active in entrepreneurial endeavors. He is active in his community, serving as Assistant Scoutmaster of Troop 268 in Flushing, at the college, serving as a member of the Graduate Academic Policy Committee, and within the school, serving on the School of Business' Graduate Leadership Committee, Strategy Committee, Managing Director of the Strategic Consulting Institute and member of the MBA Advisory Board.