Conceptual Analysis of Policy Challenge of Implementing Human Resource Accounting in Nigeria


  • Taofik Idowu University of Lagos, Nigeria



The importance of implementing human resource accounting (HRA) in an organisation has been given much attention in the literature but the challenges of implementing HRA requires more studies, especially within the Nigerian context. Within this purview, this paper examinedthe policy challenges of implementing HRA in Nigeria. Hence, the study takes an exploratory approach by reviewing extant literature on issues relating to policies involved in managing human resource. Outcome of the review of extant literature revealed that there are difficulties in implementing effective HRA in Nigeria as a result of the inadequacy of the policy framework guiding human resource valuation and reporting. This means that policies and skills required to tackle the technicalities involved in the implementation of HRA for effective management were not adequate. Therefore, the study recommends that relevant stakeholders should come together to draft a policy on how human resource can be effectively and adequately valuedand reported for management internal decision making and for external use.

Key words:Human resource accounting, policies, IFRS, Nigeria